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  Urząd Gminy Rytwiany
  28-236 RYTWIANY
  Powiat Staszowski
  woj. świętokrzyskie

tel.     (+48 15) 864 74 40
        (+48 15) 864 74 41
        (+48 15) 864 75 27
        (+48 15) 864 78 00
fax     (+48 15) 864 32 35


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Welcome to the internet page of Rytwiany Commune.

   Our commune is situated in Świętokrzyskie Province in Poland. The Commune numbers 6500 inhabitants and   its territory is about 126 km2. The seat of our Commune is Rytwiany locality situated over the Czarna river.   Rytwiany has very interstice history. Our Commune has got interesting historical and natural values and   beautiful landscapers. Valuable monuments, beautiful views, wooded area, ponds and hotel - crate
our Commune so attractive for tourists.
    Convenient communication, telephonic - system, water - supply and gas - system mode very convenient   conditions for investors. We want to develop our Commune. We are interested in new productive, tourist and   service investments.
    We wait for new investors and economic partners for who we offer help and favorable disposition of local   government and benevolence and hospitality of our inhibitions.

We invite to our Rytwiany Commune.

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